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Frank Scott has been Rockin’ Daytona with a mix of music, laughter and information since 1995. Frank teamed up with co-host Tracy Dillon in October 1996 and they have spent the better part of the past 21+ years at the morning team of Frank and Tracy.


  1. Hi guys Phil from the UK, missing Daytona made the trip to see the 500 so cool. so jealous the weather here is cold and currently snowing. great show always tuning in..

  2. Hi Frank, i dropped off my new CD “BLACK COCONUTS” At the office and wonder if u got it
    and would like to hear your views, talk about local feature, and hopefully get some logging and rotation and airplay.
    Thanks for all you do for us local entetainers and listeners.
    Rick Steffen

  3. Frank, a few years ago I I had a large screen tv
    You got someone to bring it to the vets how e on mason av
    Well I have another
    80″3d LCD tv
    I want to donate it but have no way to get it there
    You helped me back then
    Could you now
    It should be available by Wed. As my new one should be here by then
    If so email

  4. Morning guys, my usual rock station’s streaming wasn’t working this morning so a Facebook friend suggested your station – thanks for playing some really great music!! Listening while working from my home office in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

    • Thanks for listening across the pond, we have several people that have become regular listeners as well as friends.

  5. Good morning, I’ve been listening to your show via my Google Home device since lockdown started. This morning it’s telling me “this station is not available in your country” – I’m in the UK, have some settings been changed overnight so I can’t listen to you any more 🙁

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