Skratch with a “K” – Afternoon Drive

Skratch with a K comes to the Rock of Daytona Crew. Skratch grew up in Daytona Beach and went to broadcasting school. That landed him a job in comedy. After spending nearly a decade in Las Vegas doing standup, Skratch returned to Daytona to keep you Rockin’ and laughing on the Rock of Daytona. Listen every afternoon from 2PM-7PM.


  1. You play some great music and I was listening while driving today and heard a blast from the past between 2:15 and 2:45 this afternoon 6/15/18,but I forgot what it was.Please help me out.Thank you 🙂

  2. Some Skratch blasts from the past like aerosmith nobodys fault and thr cars hello again.
    Only the #1 dj could spin that sh**!
    Hey skratch, how bout a little uncle salty?

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