Frank and Tracy in the Morning

Frank and Tracy Radio Show

This Frank and Tracy Radio Show is live from Daytona Beach each and every weekday morning. Here’s a look at what Frank and Tracy were up to in August 2017. You can listen to the whole show without commercials or music. Although we do recommend listening live every weekday so you can enjoy the full mix of music and personality.


  1. Hi I’ve been listening to your show from the uk since
    The Corona virus I usually listen on my Daily walk

    Your radio station plays great Music but your station are such Cheap Skates they repeat and Tracy show all day and they same thing over and over my Goodness you are so stingy surely you could hire a couple of Guys in the afternoon or evening instead of repeating their show throughout the Day I like frank and Tracy I hope you pay them double pay for continuously repeating their show

    Kind Regards from Garry

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